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Back in the early days in 1992, seeking refuge from the harsh elements out at sea catching the elusive Black Marlin, two young men chanced upon an island called Dayang island, the furthest in West Malaysia off the northeast coast of johor. Awestruck by her natural beauty and rich underwater resources, Gerald and Vnyx decided to develop the island into an exotic destination for sun and sea lovers.

Together with the help of the islanders, Pulau Dayang became home to the popular Dayang Dive Resort and slowly transformed itself into a diving capital for the countless recreational divers in this region. Today the resort is known as 'The Mersuji ', exclusive and rustic, still managed by the same two men alongside Singaporean entrepreneur Ken Lim Yew Ming.

Over years of overcoming tough operational challenges, trusted business partnerships have been formed between Sea Expedition and numerous diving and fishing operators all over Singapore and Malaysia. Together we took the unique cooperative effort to the next level which currently includes co-operating super floating dive resort, luxurious yacht charters and the reinvented Dayang island paradise.

The mighty sea is often one of both beauty and brutality. For most people who have grown accustomed to the comfort and warmth on an ever-urbanized environment, we are often too aware of Nature's wonder and beauty but ignorant of the darker and destructive forces of Nature. SEA Expedition with vast operation experience continues to work very closely with trusted industry experts and partners to deliver nothing less than the safest and most comfortable scuba diving expeditions.

Today It is our privilege to call out to all like-minded sea and scuba lovers to walk down the journey with us. For the professionals to introduce our unique knowledge and love for the recreational diving to our future generations and for everyone to engage in our upcoming programs of ocean conservation and sustainable marine tourism.