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Aur & Dayang Islands

Known to be the diving ‘capital’ for Singaporean and Malaysian divers in the 90’s and early 2000’s, the islands of Aur & Dayang possess unmatched visibility with spectacular underwater seascape. Attributed to its relatively remote location, sightings of large marine pelagics are not uncommon.

A total of more than 15 dive sites located within minutes from the rustic beach-lodge where you will be resting for the weekend, diving has never been so easy and comfortable.

Meticulous reef recovery program was conducted for the past 7 years, now this secret paradise is reopened once again to welcome recreational scuba divers.

Despite stringent controls by the authority, true ocean loving divers will understand and appreciate the conservation effort behind all these as we work towards a more eco-oriented and sustainable marine tourism in this part of the world.